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Henry Purcell - Abdelazer or The Moor's Revenge - Incidental music for strings

Henry Purcell 

Written by Aphra Behn, the tragedy Abdelazer or The Moor's Revenge was first presented by the Duke’s Company at Dorset Gardens on 3rd July 1676.

Purcell wrote this beautiful suite, one of his last works, as incidental music for the 1695 revival of Abdelazer.

“A vengeful Moor attempts his revenge on the family of Spanish nobles who killed his father and usurped his kingdom when he was a child. After seducing the queen, killing the king, and almost raping the princess, Abdelazer's reign of destruction is brought to an end. His angry, prideful spirit never fails even as he died”.

La Spagna (on period instruments)
conductor: António Ferreira

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